Start growing green today! Improve your lawn, flowers, trees, shrubs and garden by restoring and conditioning the natural biological activity around your vegetation.

Our Soil Building Treatment

Good Earth Program

We use THRIVE—a proprietary blend of mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria. This special blend restores and conditions the natural biological activity in the soil, helping to increase the size and strength of the plants’ root systems. The living microbial soil drench is completely natural and safe for the environment, as well as a great addition to any existing fertilization treatment.

The Good Earth Soil Builder Program consists of three applications: spring, summer, and fall. Everything that is green and living can be treated with this all-natural, completely safe living microbial soil drench.

works great for all vegetation

  • Existing and new vegetation
  • Turf and grass
  • Root foundation for trees and shrubs
  • Flowers
  • Vegetable gardens—all natural and comepletely safe

The Results

Mycorrhizal fungi combined with the bacteria in the Good Earth Soil Builder Treatment Program, positively affects several aspects of your yard.

Join the growing roster of customers who are concerned about making their yard and the Earth a little greener.You’ll see real results!

The Good Earth Soil Builder Treatment is now in its second year, and only available from Countryside Lawn & Tree Care.

Positive Affects Include

  • Expanded and strengthened root systems
  • Provides a great growing foundation to all vegetation
  • Root systems expand requiring less water
  • More vibrant plants due to increased nutrient absorption
  • More tolerance to drought and disease

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