Fourth Quarter News Letter

                                                                                Happy Holidays 
Valued Customers,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued business this year. Whether you have been with us for 30 years or are new this year, we appreciate being given the chance to service all your lawn, tree and irrigation needs. We hope everyone was satisfied with their service this year and we always welcome your input!

                                                                                Proper Watering 
One of the main issues we see on a year to year basis is improper watering habits. Whether we start you irrigation system each spring or someone else does, it’s usually set at a default for 3 days a week. Once we get into June, July & August it is your responsibility to turn it up accordingly, and back down once the weather cools down. Depending on the system design a lot of fescue yards can need up to 6 times a week. ALWAYS water in the morning if possible between 5-10 am. Watering at night can promote fungus growth in the summer months. We usually recommend having all spray zones set for 10 minutes and all rotor zones set for 25 minutes. There can be a lot of variance on those times however, depending on shade, slope and coverage.

                                                                                 Winter Watering
If any of you did any Landscaping this year or any fall seeding, something to keep in mind
is if we have another dry and mild winter you will need to do some hand watering over the winter. Even once or twice a month, giving it a good long drink on a mild day makes a huge difference!
Fall Pre-emergent
Something we have been doing for awhile is applying a fall pre-emergent in all warm season classified lawns. This application helps control wild barley and a variety of cool season annuals. Wild barley is extremely hard to control without this application.

Fall Root-feeding
Right now is a great time to consider root-feeding for the fall months. Both trees and shrubs can benefit from this practice. Root-feeding promotes healthy growth in trees and shrubs and helps prevent insect and disease problems. Roof-feeding helps trees and shrubs recover from our harsh summer weather as well as get through the winter months. Call us today for a free quote!
Tree Trimming
Fall & Winter are a great time to thin out trees and raise the canopies. A simple winter trim can help promote new growth in the spring. Something else to consider is you may have a tree you have been dreading taking down or that could possibly be a hazard in the future, we offer winter discounts on this type of work. Call us today for a free quote!

Fall Cleanups
Once the leaves start falling you can be left with quite the mess to clean up! Countryside can help with that and any of your other fall cleanup needs. Whether it’s a late shrub trimming, landscape bed cleanup, or a yard cleanup we can handle it all. Call us today for a free quote!

Irrigation Winterization
With temperatures cooling down it’s time to start thinking about getting your irrigation systems winterized. It’s important to use a company you can trust for this process. Making sure the PSI is correct can be a bit tricky. Most homes are $65.00 up to 12 zones. Anything above 12 zones may be an additional cost. Call the office today to get scheduled! 316-838-3375

Don’t forget our refer a friend program! Each time someone signs up for a full lawn program and gives us your name as a reference we will send you a $40 coupon. EACH TIME!

Thanks for your business!
Your Family & Friends at
Countryside Lawn and Tree Care