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Felix Velez
Landscape Manager/Supervisor

I have been part of Countryside for almost 9 years. I started working here at the age of 19. At that time, I knew nothing about landscaping, but, as time passed, I learned and gained experience. My first 3 years, caring for our customers’ trees, helped me gain knowledge on how to trim and removed trees. Then I decided to switch to the landscaping department for 6 years, and learned everything that had to do with the care of plants and shrubs. From trimming, removing, planting and landscape design.

Most recently, I was promoted to head the department. I use all my experience to train my workers so that our clients obtain the best service possible. In the last 9 years that I have worked for Countryside, continued education has been crucial in helping us please our customers. We want to remain involved in their landscaping projects and gardens.