Pest Control Services

Protecting your perimeter, to keep gross pests out!

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Perimeter Pest Applications are done to help control nuisance pests such as spiders, ants, wasps, and crickets. Our goal is to keep the insects outside of your home – not inside!

Pest Control for Commercial and Residential Properties

We treat the foundation of your home approximately 3 feet up on the house and approximately a 6 foot wide band of ground around your home. We treat not only the foundation of your home or business but also landscape beds and around your basement windows, patios and any foundation cracks that may be exposed. Each application will last approximately 4-5 weeks. We schedule 6 applications throughout the season when insects are active.

We recommend you have your attic fogged for insects that may already be present there, such as silverfish and spiders. This should be timed to coincide with our first application. Without treatment in the attic, there tends to be an increase in insect activity in the house after our first treatment.

Our products have been extensively tested and used around homes for years. All of our products are EPA approved and safe for your landscape, trees and shrubs.

This service controls fleas and ticks, however, it will only control them around the perimeter of your home. There would need to be an additional treatment for your lawn, and ongoing flea/tick treatments will need to be continued on a regular basis on your pets.