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Travis Inskeep
Production Manager, Certified Arborist

Hired on February 2, 1997, I started working in our lawn and tree department as a lawn applicator on the south side of Wichita. I then moved to our tree department spraying and fertilizing trees. I have also spent several seasons seeding and aerating. After about 7 or 8 years in the production department, a volunteer was needed in sales and customer service. I raised my hand and started a whole new 6 year venture at Countryside. In 2010, I was promoted to Production manager of the lawn and tree department. I am a certified arborist with the Kansas Arborist Association. If I had to say I had a specialty or area that I love to cover most it would be Trees. I’m kind of a “tree hugger”.

Over the 20 plus years of working at Countryside, I have grown real passion for the “Green Industry”. I love being outdoors, visiting with customers and seeing different landscapes each day. I wouldn’t know how to grind out a day being stuck in doors and in one place all day long.

My favorite role at Countryside is providing the best customer care each and every day. I truly enjoy solving the customers’ problems. It is a great feeling when you take a homeowner’s property from being the worst on the block to the best on the block. To be their first point of contact, and then helping manage each property, when Mother Nature steps in and creates havoc. Each and every year there is something new to learn. Outbreaks of insects and disease, and the constantly changing forecast, keep me on my toes. Diagnosing and problem solving are the best part of the job, except for the PEOPLE! From my fellow employees (best in the business) to all of the customers. Love ‘em all!!